Capacity to match your needs

We deliver advanced sheet metal processing to customers who demand the highest quality. We make sure to keep pace with our customers’ development. Our production facility is state-of-the-art and designed for maximum flexibility. All this so that we can meet the customer’s wishes, regardless of whether it is about capacity or the need for lightning-fast deliveries.


We deliver high precision in long series. Both with standard tools and specially designed tools for your needs.

Laser cutting

With tube lasers, we can produce details that previously could only be produced by milling


Through advanced robotic technology, we can guarantee precise and consistent welding joints through long series.


Our range in surface treatment is more or less complete. From powder coating to advanced rust protection for exposed details.


Save time and money by letting us take care of your logistics.

Ambitious, single-minded and ingenious

Perforera Produktion was founded in 2002 as a seed in the Småland mill. Nothing is more natural in this entrepreneurial region than investing in an idea that you fully believe in. Ambitious, single-minded and ingenious No shortcuts are taken, and every decision is based on a long-term perspective. This is how we think and act.